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Only some Features from Salesbird!

Onboarding Salesbird

Create a Salesbird business profile and gain new customers. Ready in less than 2 minutes.


Create your account

Go to and enter your business profile in four simple steps. And you are ready to use the modern mobile customer card solution in your marketing and sales campaigns. Get in contact with your loyal customers. Grant them points and rewards. Promote your business. That easy!

Try out your new mobile marketing for free and join a paid plan whenever you feel comfortable.


Brief your Market

Let your clients know you are on Salesbird. Make a promotion, coupon or just make them know they now can collect points and convert them into rewards. Activate your loyal customers to promote your business in Salesbird. You get new customers, they get more points.


Reward your loyal clients

The informative Salesbird dashboard in the browser visualizes your best customers at a glance. With a few steps you can create special rewards for them. Let them feel you are thankful they are loyal customers! Give them motivation to refer your business to their friends – You win new customers, loyal customers are rewarded – benefits both sides!


Gain insights, plan promotions

Find out more about your customers: How many times they bought products at your place? Who is your most loyal customer? Who has conducted most referals? Who of referals hasn’t yet bought anything at your shop? Salesbird is easy to understand and you can get in touch with your customers using the app, by placing promotions and notifications. Use the data to expand your business.

Features in Salesbird

A short list of features and functions in Salesbird help you to conduct handshakes with your customers and generating higher turnover.

Fast Signup

With Facebook login your existing and new customers are even faster on board in Salesbird. So with you too and will check in at your place in no time. Why wait – tell it to your customers. So you are able to start a dialogue even faster.


Whenever a client likes your business he/she can add it as a ‘Favorite’. The best is you can then directly send these customers targetted promotions and informations. A dashboard in Salesbird is at your support and helps you in all your custom driven actions.

Referal Community

Be part of the big social referal commerce community. Your loyal customers recommand you to their friends and network. You will get prospects and new customers – through your existing clients.

Best Clients

Do you know who’s really your best customer? Not only the one always in your location but the one with most turnover, best recommandations, valuable network? No? Salesbird shows you the real A-Team.

Create your paid profile now - only 3 minutes to go.

Shipping costs are excluded. Any other costs than plan fee are excluded.


Finally no more mass advertising or promotions. You send your informations targetted customers only – your loyal ones. And these can subsequently broadcast the informations onto their network. You will get new customers and higher turnover. Only when the referals are at your place and bought something points are beeing redeemed.

Best Value

‘Best Value’ – not only by the Salesbird dashboard and usage but also because you know more about your customers and their behaviour on your brand behalf. Recommandations are more valuable than paid promotions. It’s all about ‘Earned Content’ today. Be part of it.

Around Me

Get new customers and generate more turnover by the built-in shopfinder and navigator. Your customers find you based on interest and nearest location. Be found and not searched.


Honestly we think your customers should not know who has more points than them. But we also know, that competition and races for glory are in the heart of mankind. So we put it on the app. Be prepared for more gamification in Salesbird.

Whitelabeling Your Solution

We can easily set up a white labeled solution for your needs. Just contact us.

From paper stamp and punch cards, points based programs, plastic cards, membership and VIP clubs to fully integrated solutions which couple in to the Point of Sale software – Salesbird offers you the modern mobile networked loyalty solutions.

Salesbird is also available as a white label solution which allows you to focus on your own brand, while benefitting from our experience and infrastructure.